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n. A shooter drink that has the capability of erasing the last 24 hours of the consumer's memory. It can be made as follows:

sloe gin
triple sec
quadruple sec
gunk from a dog's eye
Absolut Pickle
the red stripe from Aquafresh toothpaste

venom of the Louisiana loboto-moth

Stir with a home pregnancy test until it turns positive, and presto.
Moe serves Homer a forget-me-shot in the Simpsons episode "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind" when Homer wants to forget Marge is throwing him a surprise party.
by free range turtle rancher July 14, 2010
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n. A forecast of the presence of fuzz in the vicinity. Can refer to planning activities in town, a scan of the road around one's car, etc.
"I'd love to join you downtown for drinks, but the fuzzcast there is way too high."

(Driver to passenger): "I want to jump the double yellow into the carpool lane. Look around for the PoPo and give me a fuzzcast."
by free range turtle rancher July 10, 2010
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n. A pair of yellow lines that cars are not allowed to cross. Used for separating lanes of opposing traffic and creating borders around medians. Also used to prohibit entry and exit from high occupancy vehicle (carpool) lanes.
I got a ticket for crossing the double yellow when I turned left.
by free range turtle rancher July 10, 2010
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v. To bang one's head against the wall (literally or figuratively) while going around in circles dealing with obstinate entities on some endeavor.
I had to go to my boss, then accounting, legal, back to accounting, back to my boss, to operations, legal, and back to my boss again on this project. I've been banging my head in circles all afternoon. <bang (one's) head in circles>
by free range turtle rancher October 01, 2009
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