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line from the Tegan and Sara song "Alligator" off of their record Sainthood.

meaning fake, deceptive tears in order to con someone.
line from the song:

"Sensitive, it's true. Alligator tears cried over you."
by frameworkjace January 2, 2010
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album by Tegan and Sara. The name was inspired by a Leonard Cohen song, "Came So Far For Beauty".

"I practiced all my sainthood/I gave to one and all/ But the rumors of my virtue/ They moved her not at all"

The idea behind Sainthood is that you're potentially not good but you're practicing at being good to win the affections of someone.
practicing Sainthood. That is, pretending to be someone you aren't; pretending to be good in order to get someone to like you.
by frameworkjace January 2, 2010
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