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Not all hipsters are jerks. Not all hipsters are hypocrites or bad people.
Some generally are nice, social, and want to get to know you.
The ideal hipster is intelligent and craves knowledge.
He looks passed steotypes and conformity and styles himself in his own way of liking. The ideal hipster is equally willing or unwilling to hang out with new people. As with anyone else once you get to know a person.

They all have different points of view and are passionate to defend it and/or prevent anyone else from degrading or demoralizing it.
They all may have diverse passions and hobbies and likings.
They may be bold and determined and proud, although these adjectives may apply to anyone.
But above all, a hipster will follow is own heart and understanding.

Also: I don't know why there is a term for this type of person but all I know is that "hipsters" don't all do it to be cool or for your "approval", but to express and appreciate themselves for who they are. They should look passed your body image and do the same for you.
We like to make you turn heads. ;)

You: Dude, what a f***king hipster. Look at her. She thinks she's all that. Wait, a minute. I should check up TheMusicZealot's definition first. Maybe I can better understand her individuality and try to appreciate and be inspired by her diversity of interests.
by follower, conformiter April 18, 2010
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