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1: Originally, a synonym for "retarded person." This usage has lost its effectiveness.

2: Name for the head M.C. of BCCB, because he is a jack-of-flow. He can drop beats like a mother-fucking farmer, yo, who accidentally dropped an entire crate of Beets, which he intended to sell at the local farmer's market, but which he can no longer sell because they are so bruised from the fall.
1: Normie: Hey, Albert. I'm talking to you, Albert. Pay attention. What you are, Albert, is a flowjack. Okay? Got that? So, from now on when I ask you what you are, what're you going to tell me?

Albert: Huh?

Normie: What are you, Albert?

Albert: A...person.

Normie: No! You're a flowjack, Albert. A flowjack. Okay? Now, what are you?

Albert: I'm a flowjack.

2: "That Flowjack sure is mother-fucking bomb-diggity. Listen to him as he blows us all away with his divinely-inspired word-rhyming, and with his superior grasp of syntax."
by Flowjack February 01, 2004

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An adjective used to color certain nouns relating to females; describes the subversive way that women use thier bodies.
Remember who I told you I wasn't going to bother with anymore? Well, she called me about 10 seconds after I'd gotten off the phone with you, like she had some breastacious, mental link with my mind, as if the moment I might vow to divorce myself from her company, she'd somehow pick up on this.
by Flowjack February 11, 2004

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1) Brilliant: An extremely stupid person.
William Turrell Burke IV is brilliant.
by flowjack March 12, 2004

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