2 definitions by fleakfragfry & charizard

T Banksing is when you bomb a social media conversation with images of the IMPORTANT 18th century American sculptor Thomas Banks and his works.
"T BAAAAANKS!" *posts photo of T Banks' wig.

"That was some quality T Banksing"

"Tbanks guys"
by fleakfragfry & charizard February 15, 2019
Cuddling face to face with your arms/legs wrapped around each other, usually involving one partner sitting on the edge of a bed or chair.
"Tonight we're gonna be treefroggin' like lonely koalas. We will be koalaing."

"Koalas are not frogs. We are treefroggin'."

"I like to treefrog with you."
by fleakfragfry & charizard February 25, 2013