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The condition of Drummers Syndrome occurs once a person owns a pair of drumsticks and/or a Drum Kit. This condition is only curable by selling the drum associated products and buying an instrument that actually requires a stave, clef and key.
Symptoms of Drummers Syndrome include;
- Poor, Tasteless and unfunny jokes.
- constant twitching, resulting in tapping objects
- bad hearing and repeating the last word/s in sentence or question said to them
- other symptoms bear resemblance to mental illness, autism and other mental ratardations.
Typical Drummers Syndrome situations

Drummer Joke;
Drummer: What's yellow and can't swim?
Human: What?
Drummer: Tractor

Drummers Twitch;
Steve's Twitching like a drummer

Drummer bad hearing;
Human: hey jake, can you get me a drink?
Drummer (aka jake): A drink?
by figjamjames October 18, 2007

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