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Howell, nj is located in central, New jersey and i got to say its a great town to live in. Howell has top schools and your only 60 mins from manhattan and your also close to all the best beaches and bourd walks. Howell is sort of a wealthy town like theres to areas theres one called south howell thats ramtown and the other section in howell is called north howell. North Howell is the wealthy part it has huge houses and alot of the houses have sport courts and inground pools. but in south howell its not as nice as north howell. and north howell borders colts neck and that whats makes howell sort of a wealthy town. i think howell is a cool town to live in.
howell, nj is with colts neck and freehold
by ferarri999 July 31, 2011

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tenafly is a boring town to live in because theres nothing to do wih your freinds and i lived here for a while and i cant stand it. i cant wait to get out of this boring town. and also your right next to englewood and thats not good.
tenafly has nothing to do for kids and teens
by ferarri999 August 01, 2011

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