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Someone who acts needy & entitled on their birthday. Has to have his or her way exactly. Has an inflated sense of self-importance. And acts offended if his or her wild, out-of-proportion birthday expectations are not met.
Katie: I'm getting a new car, staying at a condo this weekend, and dining at the finest restaurants all weekend for my BIRTHDAY!

Philip: Stop being such a birthday diva
by feetwasher June 13, 2010
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People who are from Texas who are obnoxiously snooty about how their state is the biggest & the best. The football is better. The barbeque is better. Everything is better. They are elitist about their state to the point where it's borderline racism.
Jordan: Man, I swear I love me my Texas barbeque!

Philip: Yeah? Well I had a bunch of hickory chips left over the other day, so I smoked up some good ol' kielbasa...

Jordan: That's not barbeque. The only real barbeque is brisket. And you have to use Mesquitte chips because it's a Texas tree. Not those hippy-liberal Hickory chips...

Philip: I wish you'd stop being a Texas Supremacist
by feetwasher June 24, 2010
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