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a middle aged rough looking woman, its the mums that didnt quite make it to the 'milf tag' and have too much mumsy bussiness to be taking care of to consider their appearance. They typically wear stained, faded and un sliming jogging trousers, with wellie shoes or gardening slippers, and or course the fleece which comes in large varieties such as greydull, dullgrey, faded black or animal print. The hair was dyed 3 months previous to when sighted in the highstreet and therefore the woman has a good inch and a halfs worth of grey root. facially unfortunate, wrinkled and teeth resembling the 80 cups of tea consumed that day.

genrally nice people
they smell like a masked sweet and talcompowder to hide the greasyness of the unwashed hair.
guy one; man i wish i had a mum like yours! shes a right MILF

guy two; yeah same yours is such a fleece personality!
by fayecallum February 28, 2010
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