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Mixture of chav and indie; Chavs who wear white converse and nu rave t shirts and claim to be indie when they only listen to the following bands: razorlight, the kooks. kaiser chiefs and arctic monkeys.
chavindie: yeh mate innit im indie u get me?
indie: oh yeah do you like radiohead?
chavindie: who iz dat man? me like razorlight and da arctic monkeys innit?
indie: stupid chavindie (slaps round head)
by fastforward February 22, 2008
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Usually around seasonal times, bank holidays etc, people tend to buy more food products than they need even though the supermarkets will only be closed for 1-2 days.
wife - 'i must have that last tin of baked beans'
husband - 'its xmas darling when will we need baked beans? we dont want to be seen to be panic buying'
wife - 'the shops will be shut who knows?? grab it, its the last 1'
husband - argghhhhhhh!
by fastforward December 18, 2008
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