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An amazing southern rock band which is made up of 3 brothers: the drummer Nathan Followill, the lead singer Caleb Followill, and the bassist Jared Followill (sons of a Pentocostal preacher)as well as their first cousin lead gutarist Matthew Followill.They are all very young the oldest 23 and the youngest 16
The great song "Dusty" was written and performed by the band Kings of Leon.
by fanatic January 24, 2004
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this is a celebrity test that gets a grade. i'll take the test.question #1
1. who is the princess of r&b?
answer. that's easy, ashanti, just look up the word princess. ( look up the word princess)
2. what is the definition of talent?
that's simple. let's see... well ashanti is pretty much the definition for talent. look it up.( look up the word talent)
well, you're finished... that was a quick test, what did i make? you got everything right, you made an A+
that was an easy test, you should know the anawers, no need to cheat!!!
ashanti is just tight!! bottomline!
by fanatic October 18, 2004
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