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A word commonly used by adolescent girls to describe boys briefs. It is often a condescending remark intended to make the wearer of this type of underwear feel insecure. Wearing this type of underwear is often the result of a humiliating incident at your school. Most teenage boys wear these but keep it a secret because they are afraid that people at school will give them wedgies even though people dont even give wedgies anymore with the exception of Jocks, who are the prime
my girlfriend always giggles when she sees me in my tighty whities. she says there dorky but in a cute way.

i would get giggles from cheerleaders back in high school for them but it had nothing to do with cuteness it had more to do with being pinned down in the middle of the wet football field by the football team wearing nothing but your fruit of the loom briefs.
by faceman420 May 09, 2009
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