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Blue Magic - brand name for 100% pure cocaine created by Frank Lucas throughout the 60's and 70's. He was the first to sell 100% pure cocaine for half the price of cut cocaine. "Cut" being another way of saying diluted. He named it Blue Magic because it was like magic, at least to the addicts that used it because it was pure or uncut. It did things that "cut" cocaine couldn't and no else dared to sell pure.

Blue Magic - song written by Jay-Z for American Gangsta Soundtrack

Blue Magic is a brand name for hair grease, use mostly by blacks for the conditioning of their hair or also referred to as hair conditioner.
Blue Magic was the No.# 1 drug preferred then by all addicts

The name for one of Jay-Z's best works. Only if you are a fan.

Hair grease, not exactly one of the best types of hair greases to use. Some real tacky stuff.
by fabulousjai June 21, 2009
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