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emo bitch. derived when david described brandon L.'s bitchass "vintage" backpack as mondo cuz it looked so cheap and shitty and we were all laughing at him so hard that he couldnt think up of a more fitting word. so we ended up associating mondo with emo bitch, or basically anything emo after people were labeling him as an emo bitch. good times in hawaii.
Eric: oh wtf brandon L has reached a new level of bitch hahaha
Brandon C: hahaha he looks like a fuckin leprachaun by the way hes gimping and walkin fast
Bryant: hahahah look at what hes wearing...its all tight on that fat fuck. and what the fuck is up with his hair who dies it black and put red highlights. and with the tight clothes and lip ring, he just looks like a dike with his hairstyle.
David: hahaha that backpack is like...like...so mondo...hahaha
Eric/Brandon C/Bryant: wtf is mondo..
Tourist Teenagers from hawaii: look at the emo bitch..
Eric: EMO BITCH AHAHAHAHA that nigga's so fuckin mondo
band people: hahahahahaha
by ezy March 30, 2005

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