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when you cum in a girls mouth and she swallows it all instantly, thereby "sucking it dry." Derived from the word hazle defined as "to make dry" and nut meaning the act of ejaculation.
MARK: hey you remember mary from high school
JEFF: you mean mary lane?
MARK: yeah
JEFF: oh yeah, i'll never forget her man, that was my first hazlenut!!!
by exoticblend43 June 15, 2010

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the manner in which one acts, in addition to, the statements one makes while simultaneously drinking alchohol and snorting cocaine. milli equalling alchohol and the manner one acts and vanilli equalling cocaine and the false statements made by that person.
Mike: I dont remember shit from last night, i was so wasted!!!

John: yeah you were!! do you remember telling that chick at the bar that you were from california and owned a multi million dollar company?

Mike: nah man!! I was so milli vanillied, theres no telling what i told that chick
by exoticblend43 July 19, 2010

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