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Economic Paucity in America. The EPA is an organization of eco loonies, who are directly responsible for the current high gas prices. They mandate different blends of gasoline for each US city, supposedly to reduce emissions. These blends actually DECREASE your gas mileage, which in turn drives up the demand for petroleum. They are also against any exploration for new sources of crude oil, which puts us at the mercy of our enemys, the muslims, as well as dictators such as Hugo Chavez. This anti-exploration attitude results in decreased supplies of crude. Now, for those of you educated in a government school, here is a simple economics lesson: when an item is rare, it gets expensive. When an item is pleantiful, it gets cheap. Now that you know this basic economic lesson, you can see that the EPA is directly responsible for the high gas prices. Along with the federal gas tax of 50-65 cents a gallon, while "big oil" only makes an average of 9 cents a gallon.
The EPA should be abolished.
by everynameitryistaken April 27, 2006

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A vegan is a pot smoking liberal, living in a drug induced fantacy world where eating meat is wrong. To hell with the fact that meat has been eaten since the dawn of time by carnivores of all types. These people are dangerous, and must committed to a mental institution before they ruin the country.
Look, that lion just ate that vegan...how ironic is that?
by everynameitryistaken April 26, 2006

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