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When you tried your best but you don't succeed...

You just throw your stuff.
Knock everything down.
Especially that picture of your significant other, if possible.
And leave your office/room/whatever.

It doesn't matter who hears you.
Not even if your parents live in the room below.
You are frustrated.
You are pissed off.
You need to open the vent.
Let some steam out.
Go out somewhere.
If you don't have a car, take a taxi instead.
If you have a car, you might not want it totaled.
Just take a taxi.
It might take a couple of hours,
And some heavy drinking, just to be sure.
But don't worry.
When you're done being done,
And it's dawn outside,
Go to bed.
Even if only for 5 minutes.
You might have work in 30.
If your boss complains next time you come in,
Tell him your code got corrupted.
Even if you don't work on a computer.
He'll understand,

and everything will work out.

But first throw a brick out of your window, just to be sure.
You just might kill the local pastor.
"IM DONE!" screamed your wife.
She stomped out the door,
took the car,
Oh crap. She took the car?!
by etaNiarne February 7, 2019
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A quick act of sex, especially fucking, between the legs.
My girl wanted me to give her the D through the legs, so that's how we fucked.
Since our baby started watching Team Umizoomi next door, we called it the Zoomiumi.
by etaNiarne October 29, 2018
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