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The happening when a girl listens to too much Taylor Swift that she is unable to trust any man. May also happen to boys
Dude 1: Man, we won't she date you?
Dude 2: She said we weren't meant to be, but I think she's been Swift'd
Dude 1: Sucks for you, man

Girl 1: Why did he dump you?
Girl 2: He didn't say why, but he's been listening to Speak Now a lot lately
Girl 1: *thinks to herself* He has definitely been Swift'd
by estoy enamorado January 17, 2011

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Cross between dick and cock to describe a man who is being a dick and/or cock
Dude 1: I think I'm gonna hit it and quit it, man
Dude 2: Wow, you're being a dock, dude
by estoy enamorado January 21, 2011

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