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in the halo seris they are known as grunts, unggoy is the name they game themselfs
that unggoy's head just exspolded into a bunch of confetti and shouts of joy from children

thats cuz i turned on the best skull ever "grunt birthday party"
by esperlancer March 07, 2009

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that one moment (sometimes its premonition) when everything seems to slow down and the bottom of your stomach falls out
like in gears of war 2 when your on the roof top fighting locust and everything turns black and white and marcus looks around and the huge fucking worm starts eating the city
bambmbaambam!! take that you locust bastards *everything slows down* ohh shit...
by esperlancer March 21, 2009

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in the seris dresden files it is wieided by micheal carpenter and has a nail from the crucifix worked into the hilt
it is currently in harrys posession due to micheals recent injury it is also known as the sword of love
possibly excaliber
micheal evicerated that demon with amoracchius
by esperlancer March 08, 2009

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in the popular seris Dresden files it is a saber that has a nail from the crucifix worked into its hilt it is wielded by Sanya the youngest knight of the cross.
Sanya cut off that Demons head with esperacchius
by esperlancer March 08, 2009

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in the seris dresden files it is a japanese Katana with a nail from the crucifix worked into it's hilt once wielded by an old man from Okinowa named shiro he sacrificed himself to save harry dresden and asked dresden to look after it for him.
means the sword of faith
Shiro cut that demon in half with Fidelacchius
by esperlancer March 08, 2009

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tartarus the brute chief of chiefs gravity hammer.
big guy white fur, stupid mohawk, probly needs to get laid.
was killed by johnson and the arbiter in halo 2
DAMN! my head got splaterd all over the control room by the fist of rukkt
by esperlancer March 06, 2009

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American T.V.
i don't really need to say more but i will.
my fellow Americans, damn near every anime you have ever watched is a grotesque parody of itself. All sexual humor and several key character traits are ripped out,almost all music is replaced by rap or hip-hop.
to anybody who does not like anime i recomend that you watch the japanese version with subtitles, i guarantee it will be much better.
"Graveyard of anime"
*watches american one piece* GOTTA GO GOTTA GO!
DREAMING! DONT GIVE IT UP LUFFFY *runs away screaming and watchs dubbed version instead* ahhh... i almost died... never watch American anime...
by esperlancer March 24, 2009

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