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Age regression is a psychological state in which someone's mindset will go into a previous state for a period of time. They will feel, think, and behave younger, most commonly as a toddler or little kid.
Age regression is a coping mechanism and can be involuntary or voluntary. It can be used to cope with past/current trauma, mental or physical illnesses, general stress, and so on. It can also be used as a coping mechanism for those who've had missed or bad childhoods or who experienced forced maturity as a way to positively relive or reclaim that part of their life. This type of coping mechanism is suggested by some therapists, and accepted or encouraged by many others.

Age regressors may have a caregiver to assist them in their regression and care for them when in that state of mind. This can be anyone - their significant other, close friend, sibling, parent, etc.
Sometimes age regression is sexualized or mistaken as age play (role playing as a younger age, often for sexual purposes) but it is actually potentially illegal to have sexual activity while regressed or with someone who is because it makes the regressor unable to consent, due to impairment of cognition. Age regression should not be sexualized because it's on the same level as sexualizing a biological child.
I experience age regression.
I am an age regressor.
by erinz10 October 21, 2019

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Verb: To cover or wrap something.
Noun: Something that covers or envelops something else.
The original version of the word was the noun form, but it's now also used in the verb form.
The ants were kelled in tree sap.
The tree sap was the ant's kell.
by erinz10 February 21, 2020

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