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Small town in southern Canada close to the border. The only reason this town has become so popular is due to it's the Canadian version of Laguna Beach (next to Wasaga), as well as its 1-3 times a year celebration on friday the 13th. the teen population there is the most balling group of kids. They have adopted their own language which surrounding towns don't fully understand . They are commonly known as 'Dover Kids' and this applies to basically everyone within the city limits and anyone who lives along the beaches. There is a main group of these kids about the size of 150 people. Dover Kids who attend different high schools are often pointed out by their reputation of being a dover kid. Activites include pier jumping, skating, longboarding, skimming, swimming, and tanning in the summer and basically nothing besides hockey and house parties in the winter. Everyone wants to be a dover kids best friend in the summer so they can attend their parties and go to the beach. Besides these factors dover was previously notorious for high cannabis use.
Im going up to dover this weekend so I can hangout with the dover kids and smoke some weed
by eractondyllaeri May 14, 2011

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