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A character on the movie Full Metal Jacket. He was given the name by Gunnery Sergeant Hartman because he said "Is that you John Wayne? Is this me?". He also told Hartman that he did not believe in the virgin Mary leaving Hartman to admire him for his honesty and guts and promotes him to squad leader. He went into journalism in the Vietnam war after training.
What do we have here a fucking comedian, private joker.
by epica July 15, 2004
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A diner located on the corner of third and main in downtown Richmond Virginia. The building was once used as a hospital and the basement was used for a morgue. That was all long ago. Now it is known for it's 24 hour service, cheap drinks, and good food. Due to the fact that not too much is open 24 hours a day in downtown, it gets a lot of late night business from early birds or late nighters.
I was wasted the other night so I walked to the third street diner and got a bacon cheeseburger. It was a tasty burger.
by epica July 11, 2004
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