Richmond, Virginia. Richmond served as the capital of the Confederate States of America, and many important American Civil War landmarks remain in the city today, including the Virginia State Capitol and the White House of the Confederacy. Area’s of the city include: The Fan District, West End, Northside, Southside, East End, Manchester, ect. Trade grew rapidly in Richmond, primarily in the agriculture sector, but also in the slave trade. Slaves were imported to Richmond's Manchester docks from Africa, and were bought and sold at the same market. There are plenty of beautiful landmarks as well as tourist sights to see in Richmond. Although Richmond has had problems with crime over many years, and has ranked above the national average for many years, it is slowly improving and falling down in the ranks. Richmond held the #4 title in 2006 for most violent cities of America with populations of 100,000 - 250,000. Richmond is also a minority majority city. over 50% of the city demographics are African American.
guy1) Is Richmond Virginia in the worst cities list?

guy2) according to wikipedia...

United States cities by crime rate (by populations of 100,000 - 250,000)

1) Michigan,Flint
2) Alabama,Birmingham
3) California,Richmond
4) Virginia ,Richmond
5) California ,Inglewood
6) Arkansas ,Little Rock
7) Kansas ,Kansas City
8) Louisiana, Baton Rouge
by Eric101 October 22, 2008
Richmond, Virginia, is a hopping place. It isn't a huge city, but being the capital of VA it's got a fair amount of people in it. There are many great places to hang- Sweet Frog, Can Can, World of Mirth, some awesome places. It is generally a nice place to be, but there are some sketchy areas that you should avoid, such as the rougher places in Carrytown. All in all, Richmond is a nice place to be, and a visit to Shortpump shopping center is essential for that outdoor mall experience we all love.
Let's go to Richmond, Virginia!
Yo dude, let's do it. I could use a good walk and some bitchin fro-yo from Sweet Frog. Let's hit it up!
by potatoprincesss March 5, 2012