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stupid, anorexic, bitchy woman with 15million different animals who probably have more designer outfits that MOST PEOPLE. this is bloody unbelievable.
she is also incredibly rich, mainly because she is an heiress and her name is Hilton. nobody likes her, apart from all the 8-12 year old tweenagers who look up to her for being all rich, skinny, blonde, tanned and crap. (everyone else just tuts and shakes their heads at her whilst privatly envying her blondeness, skinniness, tannedness and crapness. well, sort of). a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat role model, i am SO sure.
she is actually a brand, as opposed to being a real person: she is a pop singer, a model, has her own perfume range, ect ect ect zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
what she HASNT realized yet is that she is almost universally hated, and would do the world a huge cheesy quaver if she went and, erm, died.
and that is it.
paris hilton: omg, i am just soooo totally like the ruler of the entire world (well, the US and UK), i am the luckiest, most pretty girl in the--
person with a brain: shut your head, you stupid blonde bimbo beeyotch.
paris: omg i like so cant believe you just said that. i am, like, so gonna sue you 19m.
person with a brain: i dont have 19m.
paris: well i do hahahahahahahahahahahahaha--
person with a brain's revolver: BANG.
oh dear no more paris. the world is spared from stupid blonde bimboesqeness!!!!!!!!
by emo_goth!!! November 17, 2006
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brody dalle is the best punk/alternative singer to rule the world ever. as lead singer and front woman of californian punk band the distillers, she had a FREAKING INCREDIBLE voice. she can roar into the mic and make it sound amazing. i mean, WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT??????????
1st person: omg, i have such a sore throat, i have gone through 10 and a half packets of soothers today and it's not getting any better. i want to die.
2nd person: you want to die? join a punk band, dewd, you could be the next brody dalle!!!!!!!!
by emo_goth!!! November 16, 2006
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