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It's either people wanting your trust and they are actually willing to do anything and that they swear they won't make the same mistakes again. OR ANOTHER DEFINITION, which is people who say "just trust me." to make you trust them while also manipulating you. Watch out for these tactics.
Stranger 1: Hey there, just trust me
Stranger 2: I'm not comfortable with trusting you, I barely know you
Stranger 1: I know, but you can trust me.
by emmie_889 August 17, 2021
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On January 6th, 2021, an organization of neo-Nazi supporters stormed the US Capitol and passed through 4 levels of security. A racist organization has stormed the US Capitol after Trump made his speech.
Stranger 1: Did you hear about them storming the US Capitol?
Stranger 2: Yeah I definitely heard, why?
Stranger 1: It's on the news.
by emmie_889 January 12, 2021
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