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A person who spends all of their time writing new defintitions for the stereotypes of: cheeleaders, preps, goths, emos and jocks. often a mix of all of these. can be between the ages of 16 to 24. These aforementioned definitions always derogitory often using the words fag, whore, slut, and douche. sometimes a combination of a four is neccesary to get the full hate across.
Me: i hate urban dictionary haters, im gonna write a UD definition about them

Everyone who reads this: HOLY SHIT YOU ARE A HIPPOCRITAC FAG DOUCHE FUCK BAG. oh wait, look at this witty example, lol, all is forgiven.
by em tee January 01, 2010

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The best damn grunge band ever to exist. Often stereotyped by lame-ass music noobs as "the guys who did in bloom" cause it was the only song of theirs that was included in rock-band.
Me: man i love nirvana
Music Noob: I can play the intro to in bloom on my guitar, on expert!
Me: NOOOOOOOOB, go and die slowly
by em tee January 03, 2010

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