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Love is when you want to get married after talking to him for just one night. Love is when you pick out children's names together after the first week. Love is when he screws up and you can't stop yourself from forgiving him. Love is when you hate yourself for loving him and you still can't stop. Love is when you are willing to give up everything and anything to be with him. Love is when you're not together and everything still reminds you of him. When every love song and chick flick makes sense. When fairytales become true. When everything feels like it will be ok as long as you are together. When the feeling doesn't change no matter how long it's been. When you can fight about everything in the world, but you are still in love no matter what. When all you want is to let him know that you still love him.
True love is always enough.
by ellieup February 17, 2010

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