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term that defines the feelings of confusion and excitement people have between thanksgiving and christmas; the blur one feels after/during shopping for gifts in crowded retail stores with heavy holiday traffic
Finley sat on the couch in a holidaze, after a day of hectic Christmas shopping on Black Friday.
by Ella123 November 27, 2005

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a set of useless, bullshit rules that girls use to govern and bully around their friends, girls or guys.
examples of breaking the girl code:
1. you slept with a guy a friend used to like
2. you ask a guy out that you once saw an aquaintance out with a month before
3. you are friends with someone your friend hates
Girl 1: "what did i do wrong?"
Girl 2: "hello!? you fucking broke the girl code rule #27."
Girl 3: "oh, duh, i checked out a guy that you once that was cute. i am so sorry."
by ella123 July 26, 2005

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