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eastchester is a town full of fricken guidos. everyone wears either american eagle, hollister, abercrombie, and all of those other gay "preppy" clothes. about 99% of the town is fricken italian. i'm the only puerto rican in this whole town! the italians in this town who think that they are on top of it all drive mercedes and fricken escalades. there is nothing to do in this town and all the kids are the same. white, italian, guido, or prep. that is all of the classes of eastchester. and the kids who try to be ghetto, drive around their parents' benz and blast loud rap music like they are from the ghetto. please, they are all a bunch of italian rich kids. they dont know rap. i hope aliens take over this god damn town, because i cant take it nomore
ITALIAN 1: hey friend, after school, do you want to like go to like american eagle and spend like $200 of our parents' money?
ITALIAN 2: sure, like that will like be great. then afterwards, we can go to starbucks and spend like $7 on like a cup of coffee. my mom can give us a ride in her shiny escalade.
ITALIAN 1: sounds like fun!!! man, Eastchester is so great. i'm going to have to tell my dad to exchange his mercedes truck to get a new escalade so i can be just like you
by eldiablo2792 June 20, 2006

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