3 definitions by ejh123

the second best part of the female body (the first is the vagina or pussy) it’s her turd cutter, her ballon knot, her brown eye. some are big and loose, some are small and tight, (i prefer tight). don’t be discouraged to lick a girls asshole. sure it’s where their shit comes out, but it doesn’t matter as long as they washed it. besides, some people are into eating shit.
Guy 1: “Hey man guess what I did last night?”
Guy 2: “What’d you do bro?”
Guy 1: “I ate Ashley’s asshole!”
Guy 2: “Oh nice man! How was it?”
Guy 1: “It was amazing!”
by ejh123 May 18, 2019
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A type of porn in which an individual poops on another individual or poops in their hand and rubs it on themselves or another person, or both with the intent to arouse the other person or themselves, or both.
Guy 1: “Yo have you ever watched scat porn?”
Guy 2: “Oh yeah! Like where they shit on each other?”
Guy 1: “Yeah!”
Guy 2: “Oh hell yeah dude, that shit is hot as fuck!”
by ejh123 May 18, 2019
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A type of porn in which usually a female films herself spreading her ass cheeks apart and farting into the camera. Other forms can be of girls sitting on men’s or women’s faces and farting on them while they lick their assholes. Another form could be of a man or woman smelling the woman’s fart right out of her open asshole.
Guy1: “Hey man I watched some fart porn last night, and that shit made me cum so hard!”
Guy2: “I know right bro I love fart porn. It’s so sexy when a girl farts!”
by ejh123 May 18, 2019
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