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(noun) what you do when you don't feel like working but aren't procrastinating either. instead, you're being semi-productive regarding what you should be doing. instead of doing your work, you're doing something related to it but completely unnecessary.

also: (verb) to semi-productively procrastinate.

also: (adj.) a semi-productive procrastinator.

DIFFERENT than productive procrastination because you're NOT being fully productive with random things other than your work, nor are you being fully productive with your actual job.
rather, you ARE being somewhat kinda productive towards what you should be doing (but aren't).

similar to quasimultislacking but not exactly.
friend: "i'm working on that current events assignment for tomorrow, how 'bout u?"
semi-productive procrastinator: "yeah me too! i've spent the past 20 minutes trying out different fonts."
friend: "that semi-productive procrastination will be the thing that brings your GPA down."
by effyes September 23, 2010
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