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anticon is a label/collective of electic musicians and beatmakers that produce music in various styles, all with rooted influence from the hip-hop culture. They have made a name for themselves over the past few years through pushing limits, intoducing new ideas to musicians and producers alike, while at the same time creating their own sound. They have perservered through massive criticism for either being white boys or not keeping a traditional hip-hop format. (my only argument is that if this didnt happen, like in soo many past generations, do you think hip-hop music would be progressive or stagnent? do you prefer the commercial styles? are you biased and cling to one crew? all the criticism happening now is just the same as old rock and roll artists getting slammed for what their talent was. More so, did anticon even claim hip-hop as their particular style of music? I would suggest researching more and finding out more about who they are, instead of being a lethargic uncontestable rap nazi. even if you dont like them, they have been pretty sincere about what they do, and can prove it.)
Your best bet would to be to check out anticon.com and see some of their reviews. that should provide some insight.
by edb May 08, 2006
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