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Intense, raw, badass. The opposite of French. If you're Chiklis, people will frequently use the verb "manhandle" to describe your actions. Chest-kicking strangers is a pretty Chiklis move. As is TKO'ing Soda Popinski in Punch-Out.

Synonyms: Gully, Nam, Selleck.

Antonyms: French, Twilight, Bon Iver

Inspired by Actor Michael Chiklis.
"The new Dragonforce album is Chiklis as shit."

"Man, that girl was all over you last night."

"Yeah, things got pretty Chiklis on the cab ride back to her place."

"Leon got reallll Chiklis after he manhandled a fifth of Maker's Mark."
by ecoopersmith February 14, 2010

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