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A beer of the utmost choice ingredients. Contains samples of God's fermented sex juice, hops, cherries and a bit of pagan magic, all bottled in Durango, Colorado, at the Ska Brewery.
Bro 1:"Hey brociden, king of the brociens, what do you want to sip on tonight?"

Bro 2:"Oh broski! How bout some danky dank gnar jabar choice brewski brochacho?"

Bro 1:"Wordski, yo! Two Decadents comin up!"
by eRock 19 March 01, 2011

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Misspelled version of Clit Hunter, meaning someone who is so naive and arrogant that they cannot find the clit, and believe that it does not exist at all.
Did you hear about Clint Hunter? I think he's taking this a little too personally.
by eRock 19 February 24, 2016

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