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A girl's virginity from lesbionic sexual acts. This is regardless of her "straight" virginity--that is, whether or not she's had sex with a man.

Since it's hard to define a physical loss of virginity between two females, lesbiginity is mostly determined by personal opinions or feelings.
Ronery lesbian: I have no real interest in men, so I've never bothered to lose my virginity. I'm dying to lose my lesbiginity, though, if only I could find the right girl!

Bisexual girl: I lost my virginity to Ryan when I was ninteen, but I lost my lesbiginity to Megan when I was sixteen!
by dyke nails October 09, 2007
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Short and uneven fingernails that typically go unpainted, although chipped and/or sloppy polish is not uncommon. Associated with but not exclusive to lesbians.
Straight male: Shit, I didn't notice Amy's dyke nails. No wonder she rejected me. T_T

Lesbian: Omg, Amy has dyke nails, maybe she'll go out with me! ^_^

Amy's straight friend: Amy, we need to do something about those dyke nails. They're going to give people the wrong impression...-_-
by dyke nails August 21, 2007
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