2 definitions by dudeperson

1) To diss someone extremely well. Usually they won't be able to some up with a comeback.
2) A dis.
3) An exclamation used when burning, or majorly dissing someone.
(this term was first used in the 70's, as you may know if you grew up then or have watched That 70's Show, however it is still used to this day by majorly cool kids)
1) girl 1: man, this soda is pretty flat
guy: ur pretty flat!
girl 2: wow, you burned her bad!

2) random person 1: man, u so fat they don't even make clothes your size!
random person 2: I ain't fat, I'm buff!
random person 3: hey, man, u gotta admit, that was a pretty good burn.

3) (the dude burns (disses) the other dude)
dude who did the burning: Oh! BURNNNN!!!!
dude who got burned: oh no u didn't!
(burn in the past tense is burned, NOT burnt!)
by dudeperson June 13, 2006
A cool name for rap, implying that it's crap....which it is.
Oh man, why you playing that c'rap? Play some REAL music!
by dudeperson June 16, 2006