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not always being from the ghettos or the hood, but going through a crappy childhood. rappers are usually liked more if they have a rags-to-riches story to tell. a wealthy kid could have tough, abusive parenting while very young and still have street cred. it basically consists of going through some shit as a kid.
that kid has went through some shit and is now getting along with his family. he has street cred
by dsssgfhdgsfhghgfdljd;hg September 25, 2005
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a genre of music brutally bashed on by spoiled filthy rich white "people", who don't seem to care about anyone but themsleves. not only did the whites take everything from the blacks, but now that many blacks want to create a music of their own and possibly get out of a life of pain and sometimes crime that they live, whites continue to hate the music for no reason. they seem to think they are better because they are rich and can have all the finest instruments. rappers mostly can only afford a beat-making machine, and use their mind to come up with brilliant poetry, using the half of their brain that the whites are missing. trying to be unique and use lyrics, a beat, and some background music, rather than be like the other types of "music" that use "instruments", whites continue to hate rap because it does not use any, and seem to think the ONLY music is made by instruments, which is not true. whites insult the stupid gangsta rappers and mainstream fags, not realizing there are actually lyricists who make phenominal lyrics. either the whites know nothing about true rap or they are just too dumb to comprehend anything else that what they think is cool. their tiny brains can ONLY appreciate rock and they think that anything that is not rock is shit. rock music is used to brainwash and disorient idiots like the whites. I cannot change rock-fans because they are too stupid and fucked up to agree, knowing that all this is true. curse the day rock "music" was born!!! I hope rap can save music!!!
by dsssgfhdgsfhghgfdljd;hg September 23, 2005
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this is to Jmams:
An excellent guitarist becuase he is just plain un-cracker. Known to break the boundaries of guitar playing becuase he was not crackafied- in such ways as plucking the strings with his teeth because he had way more talent than gay cracker men screaming like girls about "depression" becuase his family was fortunatly, not cracker. his afro inspired many crack(er)s to fuck off because filthy crackers have NO fucking talent in anything, ESPECIALLY rock "music". His untimley death was the result of his energetic non-cracker legs sitting in the front of the bus. when he was 12 his pops came home with a bought guitar for jims, (typical non-cracker) he was remembered for years, and even today, makes rock "music" look very very pussy.
Billy: who would win Jimi vs. Eric clapton,,
Tommy: Jimi wins regardless because clapton is a stupid, gay cracKKKer peice of filth.
Billy: Jimi hendrix couldnt spell his name correctly, isnt it jimmy?
Tommy: shut up you fag. that's how his named is spelled! fuck you, you dumb fuck cracker peice of fucking shit!

whites are gay! They brag that they are "straight", but post "definitions" here saying they enjoy black cocks and claim they know the size of asian and Indian cock (i am indian and mine is good size)
by dsssgfhdgsfhghgfdljd;hg September 26, 2005
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the worst fucking music in the world! some stupid, self-pitying, white teen bitches about how "sucky" their life is into a mic while some fag slams on drums and another violently strums a distorted electric guitar ( my ass makes similar sounds to it). only thick people will listen to this garbage and call themselves hardcore. this music promotes depression ( i was depressed once, and listening to rock made me want to kill myself literally, then i listened to rap and it saved me )

only narrow minded fools say "rap is crap" well... ROCK SUCKS COCK!!!
picture this: me and a group of people are standing in a row. we all make different farts at different times. it will sound similar to rock music
by dsssgfhdgsfhghgfdljd;hg August 27, 2005
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