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A verb mostly (noun at times), based off of the old song "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt".
Urban meaning- is to sing an annoying or catchy song or jingle that gets stuck in someone else's head.

(My roommate used to wake up in the morning singing things like "I've been workin on the railroad", etc. which would then get stuck in my head for hours. this happened so frequently that I decided we needed to have a name for when that happens. )
You would use this as a verb (you can shorten it as well) as in-
"You just heimered me!" or "I just heimered myself singing that commercial!"
as a noun you could say "That song is a Jingleheimer!"
If you want to clarify as a positive or negative you can say "jingleheimer" for a catchy, cool song and say"jangleheimer" for an annoying song.
by dreamfast December 16, 2011
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