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A slang term for kits made by drum companies that cater to new wave metalcore, christcore and emo bands. These companies like SJC, Shine and Truth are usually exclusively used by teens that are in metalcore boy-bands, that straighten their hair, wear their sisters pants and usually start out playing drums on these thousand dollar kits. It's more of a bragging right, to say you have a "custom" drum kit. Remember kids, always get a 24" bassdrum, a 12" rack tom and a 16" floor tom. One up, two down or die. You will be cool as fucking balls.

Oh, and make sure you make a youtube video about it.
"So, I'm like so totally not okay, so I made my parents buy me this $3,000 Truth kit with DW 9000 hardware and Zildjian A-customs. I think I'm going to listen to some Escape the Fate. I am so misunderstood. "

-Average rich kid drummer with a "Custom" Drum Kit.
by dr.blaast January 08, 2012

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