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When a female has over sized vagina lips and/or clitorous and its very saggy, floppy, and squishy like the sleeves of a wizard. Can also hold nuts like a nut in a squirrels cheeks.
Guy 1: Man, I wish i had intercourse with that girl.
Guy 2: No you don't want to wish that, she had a squishy squirrel.
by doobersmacker August 02, 2010

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When a girl gives a dry handjob.
Guy 1: My penis is so sore and irritated.
Guy 2: Dude, she gave you a heated meat beater!
by doobersmacker August 04, 2010

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When a man ejaculates into a woman's nostrils, clogs one nostril with her finger and ejects the cummy material out of her nasal cavity onto the man's erect penis.
That green testicle was orgasmic.
by doobersmacker August 02, 2010

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