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i'm going to give her a swirly if she takes my man - kroodle doodle
by dont like JB?WANNA PIECE OF ME February 25, 2022
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Tori is the sexiest lil mamazita alive. She classically is referred to as Mama Milf or The Mega Milf. Whenever she is sighted in the far distant miles riding off into the sunset, everyone says the chorus of "all hail The MIlfinator" and the men respond with bashing their bellies against the wall.

No one stands a chance if they don't prepare for the shining light of grit and determination that comes out of tori. They might not even make it out alive.

List of items needed to pack for a tori sighting:
- Binoculars (you need to see that thicc and woke ass up close and personal)
- A empty bottle (when she sweats get all that goodness in the bottle and drink it, its holy water)
- A speaker + The big J playlist (Mama Milf commands you to play JB at all times)
Person 1: What's that speck of dust in the distance

Person 2: *whips out those binoculars* OMG thats tori Mama Milf, thats The Mega Milf, thats The Milfinator!!!!!!

Person 1: gets run over by a bus

Person 2: Jumps off a bridge
by dont like JB?WANNA PIECE OF ME February 20, 2022
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