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Meaning 'to shit' in white people language.
It can be added to someone's name to make it sound funny or offensive.
A: i want to go see doctor.
B: Why?
A: i 1 month no pang sai liao.
B: 1 month r? Better go see quick. Later the sai go into your brain then you die.
A: wei...don say like that i worry leh.

Pang Sai + Name
Pang Sai + John = Pang Sai John
Pang Sai + Andy = Pang Sai Andy
Pang Sai + Jie = Pang Sai Jie
by Dominatora November 05, 2011
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A chinese girl.

Who likes to wear short skirt , hot pants , sexy tops and dye their hair gold.

Beware they can be rude.
Man: Why you like to the golden hair 1?

Ah Moi: I like or you like!!!

Man: Sorry Sorry.

Ah Moi: Go away or i shout 1 r!
by Dominatora November 03, 2011
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