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An extremely gay homosexual group of men that all play instruments equally bad. Spawning from the east bay, this musical group will probably not go anywhere. They also have a little, how would you say, bitch, that sucks there dicks when there lonely named Anthony.
guy one: shit did you see my unsaid everything play today, they sucked really bad.

guy two: Yeah and after Anthony was totally sucking them off. So gay!

Guy one: Yeah and then dom thought that he was hardcore, so he made out with anthony after.

guy two: Yeah and then I bought some dope off of Brad.

guy one: and yesterday alex mowed my lawn.

guy two: But mike and Mariano are cool.

guy one: yeah for sure.
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A midget with a mullet, who plays in an emo band but believes that he or she is hardcore.

Ex. That guy from my unsaid everything is such a dom.

Ex. What a fag, that dom couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag.
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