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a type of noodle which has the characteristic of both originating from, and being exclusive to, the chinese ethnicity. This noodle possesses many characteristics distinct from noodles of other ethnicities. The most notable distinction and odd feature of this noodle is that it is the only noodle in the world that doesnt exceed 2 inches in length, making it the tiniest noodle in the world. This is a characteristic that made many believe that it was a joke to even expose these noodles to anyone, causing these noodles to be ridiculed by the masses.

Individuals from other ethnic backgrounds refuse to sample these noodles due to the unsatisfying size. Woman, in particular, reject men with these noodles constantly due to its lack of any real worth.

Its characteristics are identical to a chinese penis. However, the chinese penis is smaller.
If you want a satisfying noodle, don't choose to consume a chinese noodle.
by dmasterlatter1 August 15, 2012

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