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hott male , usually always with his friends or playing fortnite but you better watch he’ll snatch up your whale 🐳 description: soft/smootthhh blond hair wears the kakies with the vineyard vines t-shirt typical white boy🤪🤪 he never passes up on a dare he might even sneak in your back yard and jump in your pool. over all cutie🤪, if you ever get a mason whaley you might need him later on to make you smile he’ll never fail.
ooo look at mason whaley such a cutie
by djwjwjxucf March 31, 2018

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when your boyfriend breaks up with you, you go to the store and buy a lot of junk food and watch romance movies and just sit there a cry with your friend
my boyfriend broke up with me so i decided to whallow with my friends.
by djwjwjxucf March 23, 2018

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