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This is used when someone doesn't want to talk to someone anymore and is in the first stage of walking away. It is usually used with a hand wave with the palm of the hand faced towards but not connecting with the talkee's face.

This is in reference to and sometimes follows Talk to the hand
Brad - But Honey, Angelina was just a phase...
Jennifer - {Hand Wave} Talk to the butt cause the hand ain't listening. {Cue walking away}
by Djkizza December 03, 2007

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A Fail Goose is someone who does something so massively lame that they have simply failed at life. They are in turn called a fail goose.

Also, the collective term for a group of people failing together is a flock of fail geese.

This term is becoming popular and is sometimes seen tagged through twitter as #failgoose.
Jean: You spelled together wrong, its spelt T-O-G-E-T-H-R
Bob: OMG, ur such a fail goose.
by djkizza September 18, 2009

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