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Mount Holly is a shithole town in South Jersey. The police will harrass you for anything just to keep the budget afloat. So dont cross the street in the cross walk when it is blinking dont walk or you WILL get a J walking ticket. Mount Holly used to be mainly white trash, but now it is home to a ton of young negro punks, who think they are in the middle of a bloods gang war (literally). The town is a joke with it's stupid, pointless shops that hold nothing anyone could possibly want. The town occaisonally fills up with a sewerage scent when the sewage plant is running too hard. If you are below 21 you should have no problem with finding a homeless person or crackhead to go into a dive bar and buy you a couple of 1.49$ forties.
Lets go to mount holly....NOT>
by dizzlesnizzles December 21, 2006

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