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When an equation such as F(x) oscillates between positive and negative values of F, even though the given situation of the problem make it impossible for the function to have a negative value, regardless of the value of the independent variable. For example a function of how many apples you have. How the fuck can you have a negative number of apples?
1. Question involving sclurving -A 550 gallon tank contains 100 gallons of water in which there are 200 pounds
of dye dissolved. At time t = 0, a solution of dye dissolved in water begins to
enter the tank in such a way that precisely at time t > 0 and until the tank is
full, the instantaneous rate of entry is 2t gallons per hour with a instantaneous
concentration of dye equal to sin(t^2 /300) pounds per gallon. Additionally, at
time t = 0, the tank begins to drain in such a way that at precisely time t > 0
and until the tank is full, the (well-stirred) tank empties at the instantaneous
rate of t gallons per minute.
Answer- who gives a shit because the sin function is negative at some values of t, and there's no such thing as a negative concentration of dye. Now that's "sclurving"
by disgruntled Trinity student February 03, 2009

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