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a towniw is a person who tucks there le coq sportif or other sportwear brand tracksuit bottoms into there socks n wears a polo t shirt usually a very poor brand and a burbery cap at a ridiculous angle. They often start fights with people for no reason because they are sch hard bastards that they can do so. However, if they dsont have there crew they are often beaten up cos they simply try to pysh you over iwth there wrist by hitting your shoulder ali g style.
Can be found on veery single mcdonalds in existance in england, outside Jacksons(in Hull) and ask to borrow 20 p to buy some pot. They also ask you to give them skins for a joint whilst you are sat on a bus and when you refuse verbally abuse you in a "intimadating fashion".if you look at them they consider it an insult n will try n knife you, spurded on by there cronies n pregnant girlfriend.A wanker.
an example of one is all included above
by dirty rock star March 09, 2004
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