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A Chicana/o or Latina/o who uses Facebook as a way to stay engaged with friends, family and his/her community. A Facebookero has found a way to use the social networking site both as a tool for informal social interaction and a means to address larger social concerns.
The Facebookeros at Cuentame are redefining the use of social online networking and net-activism.
by digicholo June 24, 2010

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The act of aggressive gossiping on facebook. This is usually a practice among Latino youth, but it crosses over to other ethnic groups inhabiting facebook.
first speaker: Man, did you see la chonas status?
second speaker I know! Who is she trying to kid by saying she was at the library last nigh. I saw her at the club on Wednesday nigh.
first speaker: OMG! Did you see that photo she posted of herself in a two piece bathing suit.
second speaker: Cochina.
third speaker: You all are crazy with the faceboochisme.
by digicholo June 24, 2010

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